The new search paradigm

There has been a lot going on in the social media space lately with Facebook incorporating the like button across platforms, location based geo tagging booming and people increasingly relying on social media platforms to search and assess products, from food joints to electronics. At the same time you have the smartphone market which is growing at a frantic pace, both in developed as well as developing economies, supported with the role out of high speed connectivity in developing nations and the booming application industry with its eyes on a multi billion dollar opportunity.

Now search engines like Google are the first choice when it comes to gahtering information initially, however social media is playing a very important role in moving the buyer along the purchase cycle to the evaluation stage, wherby opinions are being actively sought. With the growth in smart phones and application, it does not require a soothsayer to tell you that these devices are slowly replacing the search engine as they are being used more than ever to gather information, espcially when the buyer is close to purchase. With this in mind, you need to ask yourself some hard questions:

– Am I tracking the access to my site and social media platforms through mobile phones?

– Is my site optimized for phone browsing?

– What are the implications of new ways people are now searching for my product and how can I use it to my advantage?

– Am I thinking of creative strategies to induce smart phone users to better engage with my brand?

– Can I contribute to the user engagement via mobile phones and use it as a buzz tactic?

– Am I spending a lot of time on SEO, SEM strategies but not paying enough attention to EVM (Engagement Via Mobile) ?

– How do I track the social media traffic generated via mobile devices?

Answering these questions will take you into a mode of introspection, which is often necessary to come up with new ideas and thought processes. Rather than seeing this as a hindrance, it should be seen as an opportunity to master an emerging medium and create a differentiation in the way a prospective buyer experiences your product or services.


About rahulkohli

An avid marketer with interest in discussing and debating new and emerging trends in marketing.
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